About Nandan

About Nandan

My Name is Nandan Lawande, I am originally from Goa, India and I work as a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles, CA. With over six years of experience in the film industry I strongly believe to deliver stories with the help of visual medium for Awareness. I feel that a film holds the power to greatly influence a man out of his/her own reality. With this belief my body of work comprises films that echo the unheard issues around the globe. Such examples include: ‘Fear of Darkness,’ a film based on the killing of George Floyd and attacks the central theme of Agoraphobia and had a successful run across the film festival circuit with Achievements like Best Short film at the Miami for Social Change and many others. My film ‘Bare,’ a drama based on breast cancer was screened at the Awareness Film Fest in LA. Apart from films my work is recognized in the Music Video industry wherein he has worked with various Local and International Artists such as Diljit Dosanjh for his latest album ‘Lover,’ alongside Director Rahul Dutta and 80-90, A music video that was released on Warner music Globally with Director David J Redman. My projects include one TV series along with a feature film for the year of 2022 and 2023. Moreover, My latest film ‘Retrieval,’has been announced as a British Short film Awards Finalist and was also Screened at the Prestigious Golden State Film Festival at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. 

I am a Dedicated and Hardworking Cinematographer with a Passion Of telling stories through a visual medium and getting the Director’s vision on screen. Having a high knowledge about the latest technology being used along with the process and workflows of different camera systems. Attention to detail and speedy work with crew is my Forte. I strongly Believe in “Teamwork makes the Dream work”. 



Picture abhi baki hai

The film bug caught the attention of the Nandan Lawande early on. After acquiring the Bachelor's in Fine Art in Filmmaking, he chased his dreams to New York to film Academy in Los Angeles

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Meet Nandan Lawande | Director of photography

We had the good fortune of connecting with Nandan Lawande and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Nandan, is your business focused on helping the community? If so, how? Films are not just made for


Conversations with Nandan Lawande

Hi Nandan, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself. I am from Goa, India Originally. Now I am based out of Los Angeles. I was always inclined towards watching movies and tv shows.

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नंदन इन लॉस एजेलिस

पणजीत लहानाचा मोठा झालेल्या नंदन लवंदेची सिनेमॅटोग्राफर म्हणून कारकीर्द अमेरिकेतील लॉस एंजलिसमध्ये आकार घेत आहे. त्याची अलीकडची फिल्म 'रिट्रईव्हल ' बाफ्ता सिनेमा महोत्सवात लघुपट स्पर्धेसाठी अंतिम यादी निवडली आहे.


गोवा ते हॉलिवूड: एक ‘नंदन’ मय प्रवास

फिल्म क्षेत्रात भारताचा दबदबा आहेच, यात काहीच शंका नाही. जवळपास दोन हजार हुन जास्त सिनेमे दरवर्षी हजारों कोटींची भारतात उलाढाल करतात. दरवर्षी आंतरराष्ट्रीय भारतीय चित्रपट महोत्सव म्हणजेच इफ्फी गेली अनेक वर्षे गोव्यात होतो.


गोवा ते हॉलीवूड

नंदन लवंदेने सिनेमॅटोग्राफर म्हणून काम केलेला रीट्रायव्हल या चित्रपटाला बाप्ता पुरस्कारासाठी नामांकन मिळाले आहे. पुरस्काराची अंतिम यादी जाहीर होई पर्यंत आता नंदनचे हृदय उत्सुकतेने धडधडत असेल. अस हृदय धडधडण्याचा काळ ही आनंदाचा असतो.

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